So, do I really need to be a bitch to find a great guy? (Thoughts on “Why Men Love Bitches”)

A friend of mine told me to read the book, “Why Men Love Bitches”. She said I would enjoy the said book and that It was helpful. I won’t pretend that I read it. With all the things I have to get done for school and all, reading a self help book about how men think about women is the least of my concerns. But I must admit that it got me curious. The first thing that came to mind was that men loved the kind of girls that are always asking for trouble. Mean girls… But I looked up some summaries online and found this very helpful blog post about the book. I was wrong. The author defines “bitches” as girls who are strong, empowered, highly opinionated and basically apathetic to the needs of men. This is because, as explained by the author, girls who are kind and caring are seen as pushovers unlike “bitches” who are deemed desirable because they set themselves on a pedestal. Men are, according to society norms, the pursuer and they like to be challenged. And that is why men like “bitches”. “Bitches” put up a good chase. But after several minutes of silence and deep thought, I realize that I am not a “bitch” and that I don’t want to be a “bitch”. Can’t I find a man who will not take me for granted because I am kind and caring? Can’t I not play this game of chasing because I want to live a life filled with compassion, honesty, love, and trust because that’s how I believe life should be lived? I guess it’s a matter of choosing which path I should take. The path that society dictates which might get me married to some handsome, rich man who would practically kill to please me; Or the path that I believe in which might get my heart broken several times but would make me more fulfilled because I would be living a life I believe is worth living? In the end, when I’m lying in my death bed, I would recall how I lived my life and I know I will die happy knowing I lived a life of compassion; Not of games. Besides, being compassionate does not make anyone a doormat. It makes one true to his or herself.


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Drifting Feelings…

It’s funny how things are so different now compared to exactly a year ago. Yes, change is the only constant in the universe. But with this being said, assuming that all things do change, feelings of love included of course, how do you know when your love is true? Well, for one I can say my love is true because it surpasses lust and romance. Ika nga nila “Romance is easy but true love takes effort”.

Exactly a year ago, we were inseparable. Now, we don’t even talk to each other anymore. We’ve been through so much already in just a year. We’ve loved and hurt and learned a lot in between. Laughter rung and tears were wasted. I do know one thing’s for sure. It was a love that was genuine and true.

So, no hard feelings…Better yet, I thank you for all the wonderful memories :)

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A Pre-Valentines Day Love Letter (Well…Sorta)

Dear ________,

I really don’t know where to begin…Well, first of all, I’d like to say sorry for how I’ve been acting lately. I know I can be a bit too difficult most of the time, but nevertheless you bear with me. The level of understanding you have will forever have me in awe of you. I can’t fully re-create in words how patient and understanding you truly are. This post just wouldn’t give justice to it. This relationship had been way too one-sided for the past weeks. I’ve been needy and selfish, and the like, but you never seem to fail to recognize the fact that my actions are only natural; for it is only natural to get upset over such things as infrequent conversations and the lack of time to be able to see each other. I agree that I have been acting childish for the past few weeks. I’ve been basically demanding what I think I deserve from you, but without much luck, you never seem to give them to me. But I think I understand things much better now. The truth is, you do deliver, I just fail to appreciate the simple things. And since I can understand much more from your point of view, I have fortunately come to admire you more. Basically, you just have responsibilities most people our age won’t even have at this point in life. Most people our age worry about graduating and other things that seem too petty compared to what you go through everyday. I haven’t known you for too long but I can say that I have seen so much growth in you for the past months. From the irresponsible and carefree youth, grew a man with responsibility and who prioritizes the straightening up of his life above any other. You wouldn’t believe how happy I am for you and how much more I have fallen in love because of your growth. Along with it came the desire for me to grow up as well. So, what if we don’t see each other every day or talk every minute? In a year or so, I’ll be having responsibilities that would equal yours as well, and then I too, wouldn’t be able to be free as much as possible to go on dates and the like. It’s just that you had to grow up way before me. I guess the important thing is that we both never stop trying. Someone very close to me once told me that you’ll know when to leave a relationship once one of you stop trying. I never agreed with him because I always thought that as long as one of you is still fighting, there is still hope to reconcile. Not until today. Because although you barely have the time of day to answer your phone every time I try to reach you, you never stop trying. And every day you try even harder to please me; even if you do It in the simplest of ways. So with all that I said, I am deeply thankful to you for making me realize that we need to grow up eventually but that doesn’t mean that we’d have to stop trying.

Sorry English HAHAHA! In short, Happy Valentines Day, my love! I love you so mats! LOL

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New Blog

Please do visit my fashion blog :) A Merry Christmas to you all! :D

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Random Thoughts On Such A Random Issue

I’m not a big fan of Twitter trends and most of the time I’m quite clueless about them, but this particular trend in Twitter, namely the “amalayer” hashtag got me curious. When I logged into Facebook, I found my timeline bombarded by spoofs and what not about this so called “Amalayer Girl”. So, without further ado, I started my research about this hullabaloo.

I found out that this whole uproar is about a video posted on youtube showing a girl humiliatingly scolding a guard at the LRT 2 Santolan Station. This incident got netizens all fired out, tweeting and blogging their opinions about this nonsensical drama. My thoughts on this? An utter waste of time.

There are always two sides to anything, just like a compact cassette has a flipside. One one side, I commend her for standing up for what she thinks is right. There aren’t a lot of courageous people left in the world and I admire her for having a stand. Let’s face it, most of the time we have an opinion on something but we never really make our voice heard. There’s always a fear about judgment or what not. This “amalayer” girl just braved the odds of being judged for her freedom to have an opinion and be heard. I think we need more people like that.

On the other side though, she still exhibited poor behavior. She was allegedly scolded by the guard for entering the wrong entrance which humiliated her, I guess. But that doesn’t mean that she had to humiliate the guard as well by demonstrating such scandalous behavior. For heaven’s sake, she even used her education as a reason for why she did not deserve such treatment from the guard. Ironically, though what she displayed wasn’t behavior an educated person would possess.

If you ask me, both sides are right in their respective way but both sides also show faults in their own way. Society is so cruel, one will never please it even if one tries. So, I’ll just go ahead and say it again. Utter waste of time. Paula whatshername had her 15 minutes of fame because of this issue, let’s just all move on. There are far more important things for people to discuss and worry about. For example, these homeless children who hitch rides on jeepneys, begging for money. Doesn’t anyone care or even wonder where the money they get goes to? Do they use it on food or do they really use the money for drugs as the popular stereotype goes? Or do they even benefit the slightest from the money they get from jeepney passengers? Doesn’t anyone feel the slightest bit of sorrow thinking about how these children go about begging for money under the harsh sun when they should be at school or playing? Why don’t we all pause a minute and think about how we can help others who are in need, instead of thinking about the next clever thing to tweet with the “Amalayer” hashtag so our Twitter followers would think we’re so in the know? Just a random thought…

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